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Site Services

Our Site Services Department provide three distinct support services to our Customers:

Technical Secondment

We 'Second' professionals to our customers to fill resources and skill requirements. This Secondment can be for any duration required by our customers project or operational needs.

The Customer gains access to our broad resource pool including:

  • Process Engineers
  • IT/MES systems
  • Validation Engineers
  • Automated Design Engineers
  • Panel Build
  • E & I Engineers
  • Project Management

Benefits to You:

  • A resource pool of multi-disciplined professionals
  • No geographical boundaries
  • Flexibility to all for both short and long term contracts
  • No recruitment, training, or overhead costs

Managed Services

Provision of focused Project teams to undertake projects initiated by the Customer  that maybe located on customer site or at ProsCon offices. The teams are resourced and program managed by ProsCon and have a dedicated Project Manager and Lead Engineer to ensure single point responsibility and reporting to the customer.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • One stop shop for multi discipline approach.
  • Allows customer support teams to focus on production support optimisation strategy.
  • Dedicated resource pool for projects and routine operations.
  • Resource teams can be scaled up / down to meet project activity fluctuations.
  • Budgeting template set up for all work activities.
  • Quicker implementation of projects means reduced cycle times / increased productivity.
  • Outsourced workload

Maintenance & Systems Support

We provide Maintenance and Systems Support Contracts designed to meet the your specific operational needs. Contracts can be designed to support either a plant area or a particular system, across a range of different operations.

Our Services Include:

  • Routine Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Call — Out Cover
  • Remote Support