Modular Process Systems from Proscon

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Modular Process Systems

Modular Build offers distinct advantages, as a means to deliver process systems, over conventional build.

Our focus is on process-centric applications where there is an intensity of process plant within a module, particularly with a value add such as containment and high specification room classification. Modules are custom designed and built for each situation depending on process and ergonomic layout, equipment size and transport constraints.

These advantages include:

  • Schedule — 20% reduction through "paralleling" of activities & risk mitigation
  • Quality — Workshop QA/QC
  • Testing — Product proven (IQ & OQ) ex works
  • Cost — Cost control through risk mitigation, increased productivity and reduced workshop costs
  • Integration — Multi-Discipline Design/Suppliers/Sub-contractor coordination

Modular Process Facilities

Modular Process Facilities are complete buildings, including process systems, utilities and support facilities. These modular facilities can stand alone or be integrated with existing buildings. Applications include:

  • Kilo Scale Production
  • Laboratories
  • Pilot Plant
  • Continuous process facilities
  • Full-scale production facilities
  • Remote Instrument Buildings
  • Remote Electrical Buildings
    (Power, MCC, Control)

Modular Skid Systems

Modular Skid Systems are self-contained process systems comprising of various unit operations, housed within an open structural frame. Applications include:

  • CIP
  • Distillation Systems
  • Abatement and
    scrubber Systems
  • Reactor Systems
  • Process Unit Operations
  • Compounding
  • Liquid Processing
  • PAT Applications