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In order to attain greater efficiency in your plant it requires the right information at the right time and in the right place to enable decisions to be made to reduce cost and waste, improve compliance and improve time to market.

Our Manufacturing Executions Systems (MES) Services offer the expertise to address manufacturing issues and provide the ability to 'bridge the gap' and integrate your manufacturing systems to improve visibility throughout your plant.

Our team is experienced in a broad range of technologies and business knowledge which can be applied to your plant.

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems

    Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are a vital component in improving efficiency in your plant. Reducing paper work, eliminating documentation errors are key to this by reducing review time and enforcing workflow execution.

    Furthermore integration into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems ensures manufacturing receives and processes the correct materials which enables increased throughput while at the same time increases visibility of the production process to business systems, while integration to automation systems allow information exchange and thus co-ordinated control of your entire process.

    Our team has undertaken numerous MES implementations in the following areas and has both the system and manufacturing process knowledge to ensure the maximum benefit to your plant.

    • Warehouse Management
    • Dispensing
    • Electronic Batch Recording
    • ERP integration
    • Automation integration

  • Data Historians

    Data Historians provide a single long term repository for vast amounts of process data. This allow for in depth analysis of data for process improvements, investigations, batch by batch comparison and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measurements.

    We have experience in the implementation of a number of Historian technologies and with our in depth automation experience can interface to a diverse range of data source systems.

    Data on its own residing in an historian is of little value. Our team can configure reports and other analytical tools to enable you to turn this data into information and allow you to optimise your process.

  • Manufacturing Information Reporting Systems

    The increasing use of technology in manufacturing has allowed for a vast amount of process data to be collected.  However, the challenge is not just about collecting data but analyzing it and making it available in the right place at the right time to the right people to allow timely decisions to be made. In many cases data is required from multiple systems in order to provide a complete data set.

    To address these challenges, manufacturers need efficient solutions that allow them to see and use real-time information from operations.

    We are experienced with a wide range of systems and technologies including:

    • MES Systems
    • Automation Systems (SCADA, DCS, Batch, Historians)
    • Database technologies (MS-SQL Oracle)
    • Thin Client web based reporting tools

  • Integrated Manufacturing Network Architecture

    Traditionally Business networks and automation networks in manufacturing plants were physically separate networks and as such security risks from the internet were of little concern.  With the demand for increased visibility and information across enterprises this no longer holds true with more automation networks being integrated into the overall enterprise.  However securing a manufacturing automation network is very different from a business network with many different priorities and consequences.

    Our team has been involved in designing manufacturing networks to ensure that they are adequately protected while at the same time allowing the important functionality of automation system to be unaffected.

    We can provide:

    • Integrated Manufacturing Network Architecture Design
    • Manufacturing network management policies and procedures

  • Feasibility/Consultancy Services

    We have a wide range of experience in the Life Sciences industry. With our unique combination of knowledge and understanding of the industry, we can help companies achieve significant improvements in their operations, such as cost reduction and improve time to market by:

    • Aligning Business and Manufacturing Strategies.
    • Use technologies (Process Analytical Technology — PAT), Manufacturing Execution Systems — MES) to improve efficiency and productivity within your business.
    • Increase information exchange & visibility across the business to enable high productive manufacturing operations.
    • Achieve Right First Time manufacturing.

    Technology solutions on their own do not necessarily benefit a business. The right technology must be correctly aligned with business needs. In some cases this may require process re-engineering to avoid mapping a bad process to a new technology. With our consultancy services we can take a holistic view of the issues facing a plant and deliver quality customer service on the 'real' business issues and help optimise the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing. We can offer advice to customers on the solutions that best suit their needs.

    We can offer:

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • Project Planning & Management
    • Regulatory Consultancy