Global Shortage of Acetonitrile

Use ProsCon's Solvent Recovery Systems

The worldwide shortage of Acetonitrile (ACN) solvent is primarily related to the global economic downturn. Acetonitrile is a by-product from the plastics industry that is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for laboratory use and in API Processes. Raw Acetonitrile is obtained as a by-product in the production of Acrylonitrile, a plastic used in automobile components and other products such as carpets and luggage. As a consequence of the collapse in demand in the automotive industry and the associated overall reduction of demand for Acrylonitrile, there has been a significant reduction in the supply of Acetonitrile.

In the short to medium term this supply constraint will continue with an extreme shortage being anticipated for much of 2009. This is resulting in sharp price increases, in some cases 6-8 times that of the 2008 price for Acetonitrile. The price increase is expected to remain for quite some time.

ProsCon has extensive experience in Acetonitrile separation and has a long track record in supplying Solvent Recovery Systems to the Life Sciences market globally. If a customer can provide us with the purity of ACN required and details on the spent or waste stream we can supply a system to meet those needs.

Customers recovering spent ACN can achieve the following benefits:

  • Rapid return on investment (ROI) typically less than 15months
  • Reduction in solvent purchase, thereby protection against future solvent supply and cost issues
  • Reduce waste and disposal cost
  • No transport of spent solvent from site, which eliminates associated risks
  • Reduce environmental impact of incineration
  • Individually designed for your specific process needs
  • Highest purity solvent for reuse

For more information please contact:

  • USA: Chuck McBride on 714-938-9019
  • Europe: Thierry Giroux on +33 (0) 678 09 49 65